These are links to a number of key documents produced by the Shirlington Civic Association
(SCA), Arlington County, and other entities.
The County's 2022 webpage for Shirlington (and those for other neighborhoods) contains other
essential information and links for residents:

Association2021 SCA letter dated 6/2/2021 expressing strong support for FRIT Property Improvement Plan for Village at Shirlington.
County2021 Trades Center Optimization Study—Summary Presentation
Association2020 SCA background comments on draft Vision & Principles for the Shirlington Special General Land Use Plan (GLUP) Plus study (2020-2-3, updated 2-5)
Association2020 Shirlington Civic Association Comments on County Staff’s August 13, 2020, version of Village at Shirlington Final GLUP Report
County2020 Overview of Shirlington: Past and Future of Shirlington (summary of 2018 report)
County2020 3939 Campbell Ave.– WETA (project documents for addition to WETA building)
County2020 Shirlington Special GLUP Study Plus (approved by the County Board on July 18, 2020)
County2019-2020Trades Center Optimization Study—Project documents
County2019 SCA letter dated 2019-07-22 to the Planning Commission's Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) about the Shirlington Special General Land Use Plan (GLUP) Plus study
County2019 Presentation on Shirlington Village Special General Land Use Plan (GLUP) Study Plus - Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) meeting June 25, 2019
Country2019Shirlington Village Site History - Historic Preservation Program - GLUP Study Plus - September 25, 2019
Country2018The Village of Shirlington - Suburban Smart Growth Without Rail Transit
Country2018Four Mile Run Valley (4MRV) Area Plan (adopted Nov. 17, 2018)
Country2018 Four Mile Run Valley (MRV) Parks Master Plan (adopted Sept. 22, 2018)
Other2018Shirlington Dog Park Committee Final Report to the Four Mile Run Valley Working Group
Country2017- 2020Special Land Use Plan Study “Plus” – Land Use Analysis for Shirlington (study documents)
Association2017Shirlington Community Pedestrian Safety Survey
County2016Creating Place Outside the Metro Corridor – The Transformation of Shirlington Village in Arlington, Virginia (February 9, 2016)
Other2016Village at Shirlington: 2016 Fairlington Citizens Association Presentation
Other2015Arlington County Civic Federation: Letter to County Board accepting SCA (dated 2015-10-19)
Country2014-2018 Four Mile Run Valley (4MRV) Initiative (web page with documents, comments, presentations, and other material developed throughout the study process)
Other2013Fairlington-Shirlington Neighborhood Conservation Plan (updated in 2013, before Shirlington Civic Association was established)
Countyn.d.Arlington County Land Use Plans and Studies
Othern.d.Fairlington Civic Association (including Farmer’s Market schedule and newsletter)
Othern.d.Arlington Civic Federation Toolkit