About Shirlington Civic Association

Shirlington Civic Association is a volunteer organization of residents and businesses located in the Shirlington area. The purpose of our volunteer Association is to help maintain and improve the quality of life in
our neighborhood by working in partnership with the Arlington government, local businesses, and other community organizations for the good of our residents, businesses, and the welfare of our community.

What Are Our Goals?

1.Participate in the big process:
  • Village at Shirlington development (Planning Dept)
  • Shirlington Park (Parks Dept)
  • Trades Center (multiple Depts)
  • Shirlington Circle (VDOT)
  • Transit (Metrobus, Arlington Transit, Alexandria Transit)
2.Focus on lifestyle issues
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Vacancies in the Village at Shirlington
  • Parking in the Village and around us
  • Trash, litter, playground, pollution in stream
3.Improve Our Communications:
  • Two-way communication
  • Bridging the condos and rental buildings, owners and renters
  • With the commercial property owners, merchants, and nonprofits

What a civic association is not…

  • It is not a substitute or a forum for problems with property management or the role of condo boards in their associations.
  • In our area, it will not substitute for or interfere with the role of the property management for the Village at Shirlington.
  • The SCA can facilitate discussion about community wide needs and concerns if desired.


Edie Wilson

Edie Wilson lives in the Shirlington Village Condominiums with husband Ron Seckinger and dog Snowy. She represented Shirlington on the Four Mile Run Valley (4MRV) Working Group and served on Arlington Parks & Recreation Commission (PRC), the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC), and the Arlington Public Schools (APS) South Arlington Working Group. Before retiring, Edie most recently held a senior position at the World Bank Group.

Richard Alder

Richard Adler has lived in the Shirlington community with his family since 1988.His particular interest as a board member is the growth of diverse retail businesses in Shirlington. He formerly served as president of the Windgate II Condominium Association. He has been a member of the Gaylan Society of the Virginia Hospital Center and an accredited visitor for Mended Hearts, a national organization that provides support to heart patients.

About-Ginny Farris 20201114

Ginny Farris lives in the Shirlington Village Condominiums with husband Forrest Pafenberg and dog Bebe. She serves as Shirlington’s representative to the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Council. A Northern Virginia native, she has lived in Arlington for over 40 years. Before retiring in 2014, she worked as an environmental planning and community involvement consultant.

About-Ellie McCann 20220412

Ellie McCann has lived in the Village of Shirlington for 15 years and in the Shirlington neighborhood for 27 years. She represented Shirlington on the Four Mile Run Valley (4MRV)Working Group. She worked for 40 years at the US Environmental Protection
Agency, from which she retired in 2020, and before that as a city/regional planner for city
governments in Alabama and Louisiana.

About-Carlette Jubilee 201905-12

We are looking for someone to fill the shoes of Bobby Crider!

He’s skillfully served as Treasurer since the Association’s founding in 2015. Thanks, Bobby!


Condominium Associations are responsible for the governance and maintenance of their respective properties. SCA, as a civic association, is responsible for improving the civic well-being of Shirlington and concerns itself with civic interests, including education, public spaces, streetscapes, transportation, police protection, etc.