“More monkey bars!” said a 10- year- old Hispanic boy. His family was having a cook-out in Jennie Dean Park on Labor Day. I asked what they would like to have in a new and improved park. He was crisp and to the point.
What would you like to have? It’s time to get serious about this question, because the County has at long last gotten serious about wanting to know. Shirlington residents need to speak up in the Four Mile Run Valley initiative aka “4MRV.” The SCA has prepared a concept paper with specific ideas. Please read and comment on it!
Across the pedestrian bridge in Jennie Dean Park, and also in Shirlington Park along Arlington Mill Drive lie the only nearby green spaces for our 2,500+ Village and association households. This includes the only adjacent playground for our kids, the only walking trails for everyone, and of course the dog park. Technically these spaces are in the Nauck area, but we in Shirlington share them, help maintain and monitor them, and enjoy them every day.
The 4MRV Working Group is now gathering ideas from all Arlington residents. The SCA concept paper contains specific suggestions about what we want and don’t want for the park areas. It was shared this spring at a membership meeting and is found on our website.
The SCA team for 4MRV is Edith Wilson, Richard Adler, Ellie McCann and Virginia Farris. We need to know what you think so we can reflect that to the County. Please share this with your neighbors too.