Note: Attend the June 8th SCA Meeting to review detailed transportation plans.  

On Dec. 2, 2015, the SCA was addressed by Ms. Valerie Mosley, Capital Project Planner with the Arlington Division of Transportation (DOT).  She presented the concept plans for changes to Walter Reed Drive (WRD) and Arlington Mill Drive (AMD) and also Four Mile Run Drive (FMR). These changes have been in development for some time, even before the creation of the SCA last fall.

The Arlington Pedestrian Advisory Council was represented at the SCA meeting by its chair, Dennis Jaffe, and Christine Ng, a Shirlington area resident who serves on this commission. The Council played a strong role in reviewing the proposals.

The representatives of Windgate Villages II and III as well as the Heatherlea questioned the wisdom of changing Arlington Mill Drive to one left lane and one right lane at Walter Reed Drive. They believe this would make it more difficult for their residents to exit in the morning rush hour. They spelled out these issues in a letter to the County Board. On June 8th, the SCA will meet again with Ms. Moseley to see how plans have evolved.

January 27, 2016 Letter from Condos 

Dear Arlington County Board Members:

The purpose of this letter is to express our STRONG opposition to the Arlington traffic project that will result in the elimination of one of the two existing left turn lanes from South Arlington Mill Drive onto South Walter Reed Drive and to request a STOP ORDER on the project until a special hearing can be held on this matter. Although the project intention is to increase pedestrian and cyclist safety, it will result in adverse safety conditions for residents and pedestrians that must traverse South Arlington Mill as the main ingress and egress points for their properties. Shirlington community leaders remain actively involved and clearly recall that Arlington County DID NOT propose the removal of one of the two left turn lanes at the initial Town Hall meeting on March Il, 2015 held at the Fairlington Community Center.

On September 23, 2015, we registered a concern with Arlington County regarding difficulties in making safe ingress and egress from our properties onto South Arlington Mill Drive due to the limited line of sight posed by vehicles parked along South Arlington Mill Drive. To make matters worse, the recent movement of the bus stop on South Arlington Mill, directly in front of Heatherlea’s main entry point, has also presented additional visual hazards, traffic congestion and increasing safety concerns that will be exacerbated by the reduction to one left turn lane and was not likely factored into the lane reduction analysis.

During the Shirlington Civic Association meeting, held on December 2, 2015 at the Arlington Trades Center, we were all very surprised and alarmed at the County decision to remove this left turn lane. This will further impede the ability to make a left hand turn, resulting in even more hazardous conditions for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Our three communities have a total of 509 separate housing units and approximately double that number of owner, visitor and commercial vehicles using the entrances and exits that will be affected by this proposed Plam We greatly appreciate your immediate attention and response to our concerns. We also

look forward to working with the County Board on this issue and discussing it in more detail during a hearing to allow the project to proceed in a way that is best for the communities it most affects.

Very Respectfully,

Brenda R. Stanley, President, Windgate of Arlington, Village Ill

Geoffrey L. Hughes, President, Windgate of Arlington , Village Il

Gary P. Miller, President, The Heatherlea of Arlington


Valerie Moseley, Arlington Transportation Department

Edith Wilson, President, Shirlington Civic Association