Shirlington Civic Association is a volunteer organization of residents and businesses located in the Shirlington Area (see map).  The purpose of our volunteer Association is to help maintain and improve the quality of life in our  neighborhood by working in partnership with the Arlington government, local businesses and other community organizations to bring about civic betterment and social improvements for the good of our residents, businesses and the welfare of our community.

Who can Join the Association

Why: To Focus our views on Issues

  • Abingdon School Expansion
  • S. Walter Reed Drive Transportation Proposal
  • Invasive Species removal along the streams
  • Dog Park
  • Four Mile Community Garden Expansion – +40 plots
  • Vacancies in the Village at Shirlington
  • Trash, litter, parking, playground, pollution in stream….

What Will It Help Us Do

  • Enable us to participate in the big process
    • Arlington Facilities Study – now happening
    • And in January 2016, Master Plans for
      • Four Mile Run Valley/Shirlington Crescent (Planning Dept)
      • Jennie Dean Park (Parks Dept)
  • Improve Our Communications
    • Two-way communication
    • Community-wide – bridging the condos and rental buildings, owners and renters, and more
    • With the property owners and merchants
    • Should use multiple channels
    • Social media of course
    • Possible newsletter (Fairlington example)
  • What a civic association is not…
    • It is not a substitute or a forum for problems with property management or the role of condo boards in their associations.
    • In our area, it will not substitute for or interfere with the role of the property management for the Village at Shirlington.
    • The SCA can facilitate discussion about community-wide needs and concerns if desired.